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idolize -- BLUNTZ,
yes, in your dream XD

- Posted by Sir Rosco

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mmmmh no!

- Posted by Sir Rosco

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US Space Force,
I think you have me confused for Adam...


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THUNDERSTRUCK,, I haven't a tank named Ghay Boy, I don't need it....yes I've got a Tank named Test (who knows why I created it)
But u can stay in field and take your combat medal by being destroy by bot...u love bot right!? u seem like a bot sometime!

- Posted by Sir Rosco

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- Posted by Megatron

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NAG NAG NAG. Like a bunch of house wives with beef curtains that cant make sandwiches. No one cares about yer hotdog size bean. Get over it and give birth to some balls. just play this legendary game. Bein a bunch of sandy pelicans


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All hail Megatron!

- Posted by Megatron

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fag parret
you soo obsessed with me nerdgeek like the rest of theshittalkers in this game whats wrong big baby did it hit u too hard and had to even change the name of the tank..hahahahahaha look at my ping loser i even play on lower intertnet than everybody and still came back and got u the same hour.and u really have to go on about last nigth..ok.sure than be a real man and show ur record and status i dont have to bet to know theres nothing special under yours..go talk shit to ur mom

- Posted by F2bBacK

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was fun today guys thnx :)
<3 rose and rosco

- Posted by Eng

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iTz POPPiN AT the P i T! the best map tp has to offer

- Posted by idolize -- BLUNTZ

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I don't know if this is a good idea or not however I notice that when teams & colors are raiding.... sometimes, you have stragglers on the side (including me) shooting at the tank that is being raided. This is okay because in many cases.... if I get the kill I usually take a raid and die down anyways, (and in most cases). However what about people that don't take raids at all, and that run away from raids and Quit out of the map right afterwards.
I'm no wiz at this but I just see this problem

- Posted by Abraham Simpson II