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You're an idiot. I don't trash talk anyone unless I'm provoked by them first. You must be oblivious to the conversations I've had on discord. Plus, who am I talking trash to? Only you right now because you a soft a$$ marshmallow chump that's hiding behind another tank. Get real fool. You tried to compare me to someone that you degraded in one post then praised in another right after?!?!?!.... Must be one of MGK's ghost writers. You just mad I can walk that talk newb.

- Posted by Zzzax

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apex is Padme Amidala the newb.

- Posted by Death Award

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oh, wow, thx u darling....I was not a good raider since I took raid the first moment its very hard to try to understand wats the good way to play that situation but if u join Discord Chat u can find a lot of Veteran players who know how to do it as well as u wish. I advise u to don't quit low or run away any time ppl shot on u coz this isn't the good way to become a raider :)

- Posted by Sir Rosco

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No prob. Its all good

- Posted by Ashrak2002


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Jesse James,
you're hiding behind a finger Jasse James, because we red players are not a team and if we find ourselves playing on the map it happens because it's just random. It 'a month and a half that I play and is a month and a half that I take raid without ever asking anyone anything.

- Posted by Sir Rosco

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Jesse James,
If you do not want to be raided by me then avoid raiding me otherwise you will always be listed as a rabbit runner. Do not touch the red team, I become a two-headed dragon. We are few and we are above all respectful therefore act accordingly or pay tribute.

- Posted by Sir Rosco

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idolize -- BLUNTZ,

- Posted by Sir Rosco

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Jesse James,
(Part 3)
One last thing! Attila has been playing that Tank for years so his presence is sporadic, Blazing star also, Tiger Lily plays well, he's a great player and he does not even need to defend him. If BLEEDING HEART wants to play like it is free to do it and he is a good teammate. If your reasoning applied it to your team, this game would become a TOMB !!

- Posted by Sir Rosco