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Hey Cory Kelly. I hear there will be some protests over voter fraud in your Capital this weekend.

Big patriot you are right? Waving your flags but when push comes to shove you will never sacrifice even a drop near what the Founding fathers did.
Put down your flag fake patriot and bend over to George Floyd
Bet you won't do anything just watch stupid Tucker Carlson talk about how stupid dems are and complain about how Gavin Newsom and Cuomo are **Crazzzyyyysys* wowowow. Boomer

- Posted by CKPAdumbBaldBoomer

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This message starts when you read it.

- Posted by ENDURANCE


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It's TRUE, SIX/ENDURANCE is a meth head redneck who steals tanks and has yellow crooked teeth. Gross as hell and his kids are ashamed of him.
AOW should be ASHAMED of having this scum of the earth in their silly clan. He needs to be exposed for the loser he is and so should all of AOW for courting him to join. Such a sad clan.
A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. SORRY LOSERS

- Posted by SIXMethHedYelloTeeTH