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Hows it feel to go cupless for 15 years?
Don't talk trash when all you do is hide...
Grow a pair man and take a raid every now and then you sissy..

- Posted by Ammo Thrower Evan

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Volt if you quit color flipping how many points on those guest tanks could of been applied to voltaic.........

- Posted by anunfortunateevent

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F2bBacK, mumbling to yourself again trying to make sense of your existence? You can make it lil buddy!

- Posted by Wretched

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GAHHHHH was 30mins short of my 5 hrs play for this tourney

- Posted by Backlash


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I don't care what color the cup long as you can pour bourbon into it.....

- Posted by Pappy Van Winkle

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Dat Bronze cup tho

- Posted by Hatchet Warrior