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If you like tulips. You could always plant those two lips around something.

- Posted by Boner Force

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- Posted by I-GENGHIS KHAN

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Hello 2022, Purple and Red seem dominant, I will carry the blue flag regardless. I will join your raids and take your kills, but I will also get raided down which is only fair as a lone wolf. Good luck to all

- Posted by gundam barbatos

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Really think deeply as to why you care so much about your awards, your rankings, your cup performance,....

- Posted by Sigma

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Clima ,
Thanks Clima! Same with you... it's always good to see you roll into the map. Is SUBARU WRX your name from back in the day? I don't recognize it, but you're a great player.
I'm losing a bit of interest in the game at the moment. I'm going to try and make it to rusty (70 hours or so) but we'll see how that pans out.

- Posted by MimiC


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CoL Kraken,
Tried to say "Thanks" and "I gotta go" after that raid take last night following your compliments but somehow managed to click a lot of inflammatory messages while scrolling. Not sure how that happened but it was not intentional.

- Posted by Khione