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@Home grown
Congrats u are the number #1...for the moment. Every time someone try to hit u, u run away like a FAST rabbit.
The real numberS one are who take raids like NARCISSUS, kno love, Violet, Sweat Pea and more others. Combat honor medal was created for a specific reason try to don't completely waste it.

- Posted by Sir Rosco

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back nerds, miss me? hmu wit link to homos website and prepair to bend over

- Posted by TRO


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You don't get access to a team just because you followed the format and made a tank. Those stripes tend to be earned and you need to be vetted. Pure coincidence you chose a name that was already chosen by a real team member, which helped in weeding out the imitator. It seems you also did so for the flowers with GLADIOLUS.
If you're a new player then work for a spot on a team under your own name first, otherwise you'll be regarded as a fake no matter what.

- Posted by I-ANGKOR WAT-I


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Didn't think I needed to define the word Teams for you idiots but.... if a team of 6 or 7 is raiding one tank who is also a part of a team... then why get mad when their team counters and helps? Where did you babies go to pre-school??! 1. Slob on eachothers knobs. 2. Enjoy.

- Posted by Doc Holliday

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Every game I've ever played, teams help eachother when needed. Not standby and watch their members get killed. You are the stupidest bunch of morons the world has ever seen. Then you wonder why no one plays the crappy game. Fun.

- Posted by Doc Holliday