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This is a general message for the general section. It is a message to explain the nature of general things.

- Posted by Kaiju

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So, how much time does Voltaic put in
I came back in March and he already had a Rusty.
He is always in
What is he at, 1500hrs?

- Posted by Math Magician


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Hello all,
Wow. I can’t believe I found this game after all this time. I haven’t played since at least 15 years ago on Bonus com. I would search sporadically for it to avail. I’m so thankful you all are keeping this game alive!
I look forward to climbing the ranks and demolishing all of your hopes and dreams... (as soon as I get all the tactics down)
lol jk. Thanks!

- Posted by ADIDASmokE

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Ronan.....that was whack!!

- Posted by aDangColorFlipinNewb