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Out of genuine curiosity, why didn't you just rank up your BluntZ tank? I have heard it was quite the legend back in the day.

- Posted by JamesChen


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I appreciate the silver cup mamaxiangqi, but literally the only posted rule about tournament is to not allow intentional deactivation. Its your call how to play it when people attack you, but calling on yourself and advertising you'll do it around 30 minutes if you are falling back is pretty much intentional deactivation. Even if you are losing and it seems you have no chance, anyone with even a moderate early tournament can still win up until around 40-45 minutes with lucky rank to major.

- Posted by Scourge

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The fuels and equipment you use, the shots you fire and the attention you pull all affect the way the tournament plays out. If you are going to give up half-way, you won't gain nearly as much experience. Tournaments are a marathon, not a sprint.

- Posted by Scourge

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MamaXiangQi - you really should either fill at recruit or if you are going to fight at the start, fill once you reach sergeant. The only alternative would be to rush to lieut in the endeavor to be the first to deactivate Special's sergeant, if you noticed it being a different color than you at the beginning. There aren't always identifiable easy sergeant kills though. And tournaments always have dry periods with low fuel/eq. It's during those patches you really need the Extra Radar.

- Posted by Scourge

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I'm sure you will win eventually if you don't give up! Even using your headstrong no equipment approach, you may eventually land captain in a tournament w/ 3 or less captains. In which case you will cup regardless of having low points. However, its much better to try and stay busy for the entire hour and gather as many points as possible while still hunting for the promotion kill you need. Sometimes lieutenants win because no kills happen. You need to fill equipment to win this way.

- Posted by Scourge