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Facts on Wax, You have to be an idiot if you think Sigma is Sigma. The real Sigma is a legend even if he raged quit Tankpit over a dumb Purple Heart award. This Chen guy is an imposter and a retard among retards that have graced us since the beginning of Tankpit's time. It's like this game is his life or something LMAO.... Chen shut up and just play this stupid game instead of being a cuck to it with all your beta male drama.


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Facts on Wax,
Don't really do the back and forth BB stuff but, the "low turnout" tournament thing is just LOL...are you not losing these same "low turn out" tourneys? I've been playing the game since August this year and I see plenty of "legends" losing the "low turnout" tournaments....can we finally burry this dead horse? Positive and negative to high and low...find the balance and adapt...crutches are for cripples.

- Posted by Doc Holiday

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LOL yet you can't cup Facts on Wax... you're really bad.

I make way more money than you, I have lived in 4 different countries, I speak 3 languages, I made the most comprehensive and detailed tournament guide in tankpit history, I promoted the game more than anyone here. I am much smarter than anyone here and it is a great disgrace to see it go down the drain

You can be spineless, but after the 1st time I left i learned it's better to fight and dominate this game again

- Posted by JamesChen