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Is this true? What's up homie? Come back to us.


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Soooo many trolls, playing like lil b*tches, w.e floats your boats fruitcakes.. no need to post who they are, they all know who they are...

- Posted by -SHOCK-

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I will. I'm just getting back into the game.... so I will need to really put some focus here then get back on discord. :) In the meantime see you on the field!

- Posted by Abraham Simpson II

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OSPF is a maggot,
ok! so...I'll let u shoots me from behind a rock, build a Big base and maybe...MAYBE a day u kill someone in this way. And u'll take rusty and never, never a honor medal (it does not suit you).

- Posted by Sir GooFy

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U are strong when u fight with a team mate...but every time 2ppl shot on u, u give up and quit fast. Some days ago u tell me that u are scared about die and rank down, but I'll give u a tip: if u are serg and hit a general u'll get more point that if u a gen vs a gen..don't worry about die, enjoy totally the game and ppl respect more u if u's strange but is true!

- Posted by Sir GooFy