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What’s up everyone! Like most people on here I was addicted to this game back when I was 12 (now 30) my tank name use to be BoB I was always orange. I found this site like 6 years ago played for a bit and then life took up all my time up lol. I remember sunwolf and a few others. Eden, twisted, thin. Do any of them still play? Crazy this game is still going after all these years. Take care!

- Posted by I Marlboro I

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We can help you
Stop color flipping with purple and stay with the Orange Squad already. We will get you to general and own all these idiots.

- Posted by JamesChen

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Imagine being so next level basement dweller that you spend hours upon hours a day hiding behind rocks and color flipping in fear then still being able to shoot enough bots to maintain the #1 weekly and monthly ranking in tankpit. I imagine we'll be seeing another article about some loser that died from gaming in the relatively near future and can only wonder about your deteriorating/deteriorated mental state!
You go Voltaic you're the real MVP!

- Posted by EPIC 7

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Chen the most vicious
I'll take your dame and mistress
She be like "chen delcious"
been 20 years, bet you missed this
Sugar daddy, don't dismiss this
Champ of the game when yall play the same
Take a raid chen will give u da fade,
getting gold cups to get laid.
Playing for hours like I am paid
Come against me you meet your maker
Everybody wanna hate like "chen a faker"
Cept I'm the best - Number 8 of Lakers

- Posted by JamesChen

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Epic 7,

No joke man, you have been a champ taking raids and such. It's especially tough as purple when there are constant majorities on other colors. Keep it up and congrats on the cups.
I was joking about you being the noob section, ofcourse you have solidified your name in the game despite the haters.

- Posted by JamesChen


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Hustle tank hates your p6nk a$$ Chen so be quite noob

- Posted by dell