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Jesse you go girl

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(1/4) Sightblack, I don’t know you, and we’ve never had beef, so I can’t insult you. However, I’m more than happy to fire additional rounds at verified sh*theads. Did you know that there was one time where OSPF ROUTING tried to brag to me that he had 25 gold cups? 25! Twenty, freaking, five. Let’s break that down. How much has he been on here to get those 25? Add in ballpark figures for silver/bronze cups, and for tourneys where he didn’t cup, and we’re easily talking about

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(2/4) several HUNDRED tournament appearances. Do you know what that means? That means that there have been, at a minimum, several HUNDRED days since the relaunch where a tournament in an online game (that has a few dozen active players or so at best) has been the main event (or at least a high priority) of the day for this kid. We are getting to the point where OSPF ROUTING has a legitimate case to literally be the Merriam-Webster dictionary definition of a f*cking loser.

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(3/4) I have two cups. Both of them are gold. One was earned during the Bonus days, the other more recently under PlantHellaMinesHomie, and I don’t even have 25 tournaments TOTAL under my belt (to include tournaments while BF was on Bonus). Do you want to know why? Because unlike most of the people foaming at the mouth on this board, I actually have a life. That’s why I continue to get lulz at a near cyclic rate from people like OSPF ROUTING, Globe Loser, SHOCK, and whoever else thinks

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(4/4) that multiple top 3s in a game that almost no one plays anymore serves as some sort of personal validity to anything. If TP had a wider following, or was a game played in the eSports arena, where legitimate money could be made by top players, I’d get it. But it’s not. The reason these kids I’ve named can’t see that they’re part of the reason that no one has come back to this game is because they’re literally up to their herpetic eyeballs in their own nonsensical bullsh*t.

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