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Sir GooFy,
G-Translate is a great tool. I've used it several times, usually when I'm at work or in a pinch. Talking to a scrub like you doesn't fall into either category. Do you need translation for THAT? Let me break it down for you: I'm not wasting extra time out of my day (even if it's just a few seconds) to translate what you wrote because I literally don't give a fùck about you or anything you say. Your opinion literally means less than nothing to me.

- Posted by OSPF is a maggot

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Hey Darth,
It's been a while friend, a lot going on. I've had a lot more downs than ups in life over the past few years :(. I've worked on my relationship with Jesus more. I'm trying to make a comeback to a beloved game I've known since I was 13 years old (i'm 32 now). hahaha as far as the cup? oh man, you have more faith in me than I have in myself. i'm not a very good player. I've gotten a new internet since the last time I played tankpit. Anyways friend, take care :)

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Ospf is a maggot & bobbys revenge have both been in discord.
You 2 stop being so dydfunctional on the board and in game and chill! Lol

- Posted by OSPF ROUTING

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SOLITUDE, why did you delete your discord and die down to lieutenant? You need to rank up to gen in like 2 days... Hit me up on discord again (003) regardless of your plans. New year is approaching.

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