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you do know that you were attempting to raid a blue base don't you?
If you took your head out of your a55 you might be able to figure just how confusing it was to see you doing that
also what exactly do you do in game other than spam and quit? Is there an actual purpose why you come into the game? Basically everyone wants to know why...

- Posted by OSPF ROUTING

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calling all tru blues to come bacK to control the map like when when we had the top 25 chart almost 100% about a year or half a year ago.

- Posted by F2bBacK

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DrawToTheWheel earned its 1,000th kill today, taking down "The Dragon" (The #7 ranked tank). With a dozen or so top 10 kills (including 4 #1s) and a 3-0 record against OSPF in open play, the DrawToTheWheel tank retires at midnight tonight.
Its been fun!

- Posted by DrawToTheWheel