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Quit crying and enjoy your hiatus for your foolishness boy! Hahahaha!
Judging by your lack of specials it's obvious that you were more part of the problem than the solution.

- Posted by Pat Garrett

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GG ROSCO AND JESSE ON #1, #2 BATTY !*!*!2019!*!*!

- Posted by CHEckmATe

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US Space Force,
I think Sigma was just upset that he wasn't able to win now that there's more than 10 people playing. SW does this game for a hobby, keeping an old nostalgia alive. He disappears for extended periods of time here and there everyone knows that. If you want a new progressive game, there are literally thousands and thousands of them. Go play one.

- Posted by BLAZING STAR

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You're supposed to slash with scimitars not thrust.

- Posted by Principal Skinner

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2015 MVP of TankPit Candidates
1. chewsetboss
2. Homer Simpson
3. SimplyElite
5. theintern
6. AzNsEnSaTiOn
7. noodle
9. Justified
10. War Beast
11. Blue Springs
12. sFear
13. Mosnar
14. Willow
15. Sigma
2019 roster
What happened with everyone lol where they at!!! just looking at my old posts.
BTW I'm back! Time to grind to #1

- Posted by Cyrus Simpson

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Great seeing you Islam Brings Peace! Keep wrecking! :)

- Posted by Cyrus Simpson


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I've got dried mango slices c:

- Posted by Thundercracker


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What's up TP!

- Posted by Cyrus Simpson


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Fate rarely calls upon us at a moment of our choosing.

- Posted by Optimus Prime