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Your whole tankpit career is trash
Test my gangster

- Posted by NaggY Old HaggY

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I Played This Game 15 Years Ago When It Was On Bonus.c0m And Playbattlefield.c0m All My Tanks Were Lost Or Deleted Years Ago. Lots Of Players And Teams Ruled This Game A Lot Of Players Online But Not Anymore. The Bulletin Board For Each Day Was Like 15 Pages Long. I Don't Suck At This Game It's Because I Play This Game On My Phone Because I Don't Own A Computer. I Can Barely Land On Fuel When I'm Teleporting. Suck My BaIIs B!+ch.

- Posted by Osama Bin Laden

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hUStLe Tank, You the real MVP.
Blues may talk smack about you but most of their successful raids are because your mining up the fuel as you go and trying to trap people. Most underrated player in the game!
A true team player, keep up the good work. You have all the characteristics of an orange player, if you are ever interested in having a true challenge!

- Posted by JamesChen