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This is to the administrators of the game.
For some reason, the Microsoft Surface keyboard does not work with this game. Specifically, it doesn't seem to work for the hotkeys. If you were to make it compatible with the keyboard, it may not only bring more people in, but it would certainly make me a happy camper. Thanks.

- Posted by FaRjEr

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One Hit Wonder is scared to death of raids and Voltaic, he won't even take him on a 3v1 raid. SAD! Maybe he should give up his spot in the top 5 for 2020??

- Posted by VoltIsNiceNMyFriend

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James's Batty Party and Boba Fett's Shiny party after Wednesdays tournament and everyone is invited! Hopefully Voltaic makes a special appearance!
We will have some tsingtaos, do some karaoke, and play board games! Dumplings and peking duck will be provided. Everyone will be notified on the discord.

- Posted by JamesChen


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Quit being a bunch tight a$$es and say hello back!
"If it's not fun then why bother playing?"

- Posted by EPIC 7