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Glamazon.... hahaha has a ring to it.
Stop staying Captain and blocking other tanks from shooting. Also stop driving all over the place. I have no interest in watching your tank odometer increase every screen. I just started driving like you did. Now that you see how annoying it is, please stop driving if you would like to shoot on my screen.

- Posted by Galvatron

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Lol you mad bro?

- Posted by EPIC 7

#17782 reply report <--------- couple new updates. still more to come.

- Posted by Globe Daddy

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Mystery solved:
Drawtothewheel=Scimitar Thrust
Scimitar Thrust=Planthellamineshomie
Planthellamines=Little Nicky
Little Nicky=Bobby Booshay
....nice reveal last night! You are one angry little man! Rofl

- Posted by EPIC 7


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You where the one blocking my shots when i was shooting EPIC 5 Steve ... make sure u get used to it.. cause I will block your shots everytime..

- Posted by Destiny