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bluntz....first you snipe me when i am trying to help you. and then you won't fight a 3v1 for the 1000th time. smh....
you are great to PPH with but you would think someone who plays as often as you would act with a tad more honor...."Who's your daddy?" my ass
and if you think the community looks at your honor medal-less tanks as skillful? You are deranged in your own little fantasy world.....

- Posted by BendTheKnee


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MOney Line shOOTers,
Garbage of a player. Can't win them so you "forget" to put your shields on in a 1v1? Ha noob, you never change. Either you die down or "forget" to put your shields on with someone you know when your weak and salty, cum filled black hole can't manage to keep up with the big boys in a tournament. Stay off this game scrub.

- Posted by Liquified THE NOOB

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Attention to all the noobs and newbies!
- Read the tournament guide under the link section. ** **
- Especially the free kill part. It's getting old and lame. Should be no excuse for them. If you are getting frustrated because things aren't going your way then just leave the match instead of being a chump.

- Posted by Globe Master