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Imagine coffee calling someone out for leaving. When he gets kills in these battles he is the first to mash the q buttton if he snags a kill.

- Posted by Soundwave

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Voltaic - grow a pair already. Raiding with the oranges then cry like a baby when the purples turn on you and you can't handle a 3v1, so you immediately quit & switch to their team. You and all your little guest tanks are the weakest of the sauces. Protecting your precious 0 deactivations like the slimy little Gollum you are. Absolute ZERO skill, absolute ZERO character, absolute ZERO respect. You are garbage.

- Posted by Boba Fett


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Hey Voltaic... You realize you're asking a computer-generated bot if that's the best it can do, right?

- Posted by Daba Dee Daba DIE