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You're the salty one whose making tank names that include my actual name.... nice try fagboy!

- Posted by Skeleton Key

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One Hit Wonder,
Don't make me take your other sword.

- Posted by One Turd Wonder


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The question of "Is that the best you can do?"...
I honestly believe that is the best you can do. Your childlike mind, lack of skills, and pure incompetence proves that what you display is the best you can do. You have proven time and time again how terrible you are at this game after thousands of hours of play, your skill level is that of 4th Armored Division. He may actually be better than you! Step your game up scrub your pu$5y level has risen passed that of Voltaic and Sinai.

- Posted by Skeleton Key


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26 min fill. wthefiswrongwiththisgame.

- Posted by Seattle LOL