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Warmonger Jaskier You guys sound like the trolls. I only came in to get some points. I was only one rank lower. It’s not like I was a recruit or serg trying to be annoying. Also, it was only you two in the map. Just because one person starts to try to join along it made you guys agitated. Warmonger, if you didn’t catch the act of him purposely trying to ignore me that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Jaskier, I hope you don’t start doing stuff like that all the time.

- Posted by ZOOM

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Scavenging ooze
-Magnificent- 9
I got your dbag right here... INTIMIDATION the one who won't take a 2v1 with a mjr & a gen.
So, telling me to buzz off is just stupid talk from a stupid person who stupidly doesn't know

- Posted by - Sun Spots -


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The real humor is watching you do anything for a cup...
Please teach me oh great one bahaha

- Posted by The Right Color