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If your butt is bleeding either go to the Dr's or stop taking cock in your ass!


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I was little bit nervous before I take batty coz it is second of my life but this is not the only reason: I'm honored to take that with help of some of u. I wanna say thx u to someone of u: Clima, Aeris, Kitsunegary, baha, Noodle, Frinzee, Homer,Attila, Mercury, Globe Daddy,1956, Jesse J., Sean, Bluntz, Roman, Miller, Frosty, AZN, IBP, Lasher, Khan.
Thx for your time spent with me guys
Love u <3

- Posted by Sir Rosco

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There aren't many people playing. What are the peak hours? Most of the day 9 AM to 5 PM, we have 1-4 people playing. BORING!

- Posted by Hitmann2002

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I enjoy playing with you are you on discord?

- Posted by Jesse James


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Sigma getting banned for handing out free kills, not once, but multiple times is something I never saw coming. Some dark times are upon us when someone who stood on a soapbox for so long is now stooping to such levels.

- Posted by weekend nachos