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Umm ok whatever you say

- Posted by Ashrak2002

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Sir GooFy,
Congrats on cupping on your comeback. It's been 5 years and many attempts I believe. Good to see you get it!

- Posted by Clima

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to nycspitz from a veteran gamer
I wanna say to u that this game is not celebrated by the cups or by special medals. U must risk to begun destroyed in the field, u must try to defend yourself from 2/3/4 enemy...plz try to not escape every time 1 or 2 ppl try to kill u...there is no honor!
USE ARMOR SHIELD not when u are dying but every time u wanna really try to PLAY and really enjoy this game.
This is not a critique, this is a Tip

- Posted by Sir GooFy


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Fioras the name
Im ahead of the game

- Posted by Queen Fiora


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I wanna say thx to Luck coz only for luck u can really win in the last 10 minute. Perhaps I must admit that is very easy earn a gold/silver/bronze cup if only 10/12 ppl are playing. I remember when I was only 9/11 years old when I played at "Playbattlefield" I cannot effort any tournaments, I was too young to stay up at night.
I wanna dedicating this cup to these players in theirs memories.
Thx for play with me :)

- Posted by Sir GooFy