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mamaxiang they decide to not stop collusion and make only enforce and implement rules that benefits their own friends and groups
Napoleon and all these other idiots would die quick if they got raided but their friends don't do that and they set nice areas to PPH the whole time.

- Posted by JamesChen

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Napoleon Bonaparte,
I Been asking for days and you still dont reply bruh.... WHAT THE PROBLEM IS?!?!?

- Posted by Skeleton Key


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Corpse Reviver,
I'll leave you out of it when you tell Steve to leave us outta his tank names... he gets BIG MAD when either of us is in and tries to harass with his lil fagboy names he makes to make himself feel better...

- Posted by Skeleton Key


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For you dbag! Maybe SW can transfer it to your tank so at least it 'looks' like you belong up where you are......
Keep ruining the game you fool....

- Posted by CKPA2020

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Nope, you were a lieutenant.
Also if you captain at 37 minutes props, but I think the record is... 19?
I remember the BF record was 21, evil frosty II, he got it in like 22 minutes once. He quit the tournament at 30 minutes and still almost one, it took sYnTaX up to like 59 minutes to pass him and get the gold cup

- Posted by Disappointing Daniel