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Suppressive Fire
great way to showcase your mediocrity in those tournaments
first fking yeet and pph buddying up with him
then sarge tricking a 6 man tourny
good show Globe Daddy

- Posted by nice 5 man sgtrick

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You don’t have to be a dumb twat. Jaskier was running from me, avoiding me, that’s why I used mines. You complain about me picking up equipment when I was almost out of ERs and y’all were collecting equipment the whole time fighting me. So halfway through I started picking them up too. I’ll try not to interrupt your 1v1 again with Jaskier. It seemed that was the reason why you were mad. Let’s try to have some fun and not make the game about faking your way to #1 Warmonger

- Posted by ZOOM

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What’s really funny…your incessant ramblings about 2 people that rarely play or even talk to people playing this game killing activity. You literally spend hours a day attempting to troll anybody who does play main map and you repeatedly die and have likely skewed the outcomes of half the tournaments this year. Blaming others while taking a dump on any activity before it even has a chance to bloom.

- Posted by Ironic

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Even funnier yet….you couldn’t supplant the tphq admins and finally made your own discord server. You had almost every active player in the game there. People were talking and having fun and playing. New year starts it gets quiet because people play secret or on teams(none you were invited to because you’re such an exhausting drama queen). You had a chance to make a difference and rage deleted it because you weren’t getting attention. Now you’re just a psychotic second rate troll.

- Posted by Ironic

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Just in case you’re unaware, half the people’s leisure time you try crapping on in game aren’t even in main discord and have done you no disservice. Grow up, get a real job, contribute to society. I promise you’ll feel much better than being a spiteful salty little troll.

- Posted by Ironic

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Don't worry about it anymore Chen everyone knows general sick has no place in the community.
Must be a pretty sad life pretending to support a game for validation. What a loser!

- Posted by Time to move on