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it seems that the entire tankpit server group considers your tank a target in tournaments. You can find the link to the discord channel under Arvchived news on the tankpit front page.

- Posted by Pat Garrett

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SOLITUDE- The question everyone is asking. Who are you? Please tell us a little about yourself. What Is your BF tank name? Tp1 tank name (2012)? did you play any other tanks? how many hours do you have ? I think you are tanker ………. please stay around and see you on the field . feel free to get on DISCORD and message me. name BLUNTZ

- Posted by idolize -- BLUNTZ

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Hey, when are you planning on getting yours?

- Posted by SOLITUDE


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Hide behind a troll tank scrub..

- Posted by Jesse James

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What are you gonna do Scimitar when SW fixes the Q bug you exploit everyday when you run like a puzz

- Posted by Jesse James