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Globe Master,
But it's not the same, quit trying to downplay winning awards to buying awards....

- Posted by Skeleton Key

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Osama Bin Laden,
Looks like he's still #2 overall...

- Posted by Skeleton Key

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LMAO voltaic not even close. His pph is trash. Fyi im over 500 hrs from #3 jiren . he will NEVER pass me by 2020

- Posted by Smokescreen

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Skeleton Key,
It's all good though. I don't care if you traded or whatever. After I earned my full set on this tank all on my own I then proceeded with my other goals. A dream tank like AoM is just another goal I can cross off. Anyhow, see you in the field.

- Posted by Globe Master

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I haven't got a cup (I don't team up or do chat) I don't get much rank (cuz I don't take FKs and I'm slo-o-ow) I don't keep tanks long enough to get medals.....but I still enjoying killing some of those who have those things. Oh, and I don't (usually) talk on here. I don't need to prop up my ego or status in the game. AND I hate politics!



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Can we tag him? I'm still learning to navigate the site so i'm not sure how to search for him or his profile.

- Posted by Basterds

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Osama bin Newb go look at the real top 25 at

- Posted by Smokescreen


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Stackin Bronze cups like paper.

- Posted by x-HR Paper Stacks-x

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Congrats on Gold Cup Pro Self.

- Posted by Flop