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Incontinent Beaver ,
facts. laim sucks

- Posted by Starscream

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The Grim Reaper ,
an i meant no disrespect by saying hope u learn to pph soon i just meant dont mine the 1-1 player lol usually people wont use there shields if just blasting for points ! but yea man nice kill on me l;D

- Posted by Frinzee

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is there an active forum anymore for this game?

- Posted by Encrypt


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@frinzee I dont know what pph means man i was just dualing for points... i played this game back in the early 2000s and just got back on.. i play for fun.. much respect .. add me on my insta to chat @Stihlmanben

- Posted by The Grim Reaper

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@frinzee and why get low without sheilds? you run the risk of getting jumped

- Posted by The Grim Reaper