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If anyone needs help from me, I am willing to take on an apprentice. Since I am easily the best player ever, you will learn a great deal

- Posted by Napoleon Bonaparte

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---, Folks can get up to captain for free from a sergeant bot, but not applicable in tournament play.
But I am not too sure why ppl would want to be rank 1 on the main map unless you do PPH for hours everyday for at least a year (like Voltaic XD). Instead, what matters more is the respected tournament cup.
Unless there's known collusion,(discord chat or IM), suddenly see a FLOCK of tanks wanna jump you, you would suspect something. But TP supervisors can't exactly track collusion by groups

- Posted by MyBigDogXiangQi


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Skeleton Key,
Leave me out of this

- Posted by Corpse Reviver


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Disappointing Daniel, I got captain about 37 minutes in, which I thought was too early, and I was attempting to preserve my rank because there has been many times I got into 10 v 1 raids because EVERYONE wanted a piece of me.
What I should have done was hit on lieutenants for more PPH, prevent others from getting captain, and I screwed up because all the captain ranks come during the last 1-3 minutes of the tourney, when the biggest raid-fest brawl determines who cups...

- Posted by MyBigDogXiangQi