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4 vs 1 raid i'm not ready for yet :p Blues tryin to whoop my arse lol.
I think a few people still use speed hacks,moving 4 times before i can move once, shooting 3-4 times before i shoot once... My connection is fine because im able to slip two shots in every once in awhile on other players. It's worse than the free killing bs.. If you need a speed hack, You Suck. End of Story.

- Posted by Lion King

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Thanks bro, good to see some older faces come around..

- Posted by F-2 Banshee

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Take out your anger on the field, not on the bulletin board!

- Posted by Eye of Vecna

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DADDYLIQUIFIED thanks for placing me 6 times on your top 10 best players list. I apprciate the love.

- Posted by 003

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Hi -Bush vipeR- (aka: noob) honestly, look up noob in the dictionary next to it will read. A player who should know better but plays horribly anyway because they feel the need to or because they suck. see: -Bush vipeR-. In this case it would be because you suck. Talk to you tomorrow <3.
- Posted by DemolitioN
HAHA good to go

- Posted by -Bush vipeR-


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I mean all I would have to say about Daddylegit is great work. I know a lot of hard work and effort went in to determining those names, but to be honest I feel like I was left out. I mean two names on the list? Have i not harassed you enough about cheating in tourneys? I mean we all know that silver cup is not even half deserved. I mean if you and liq were compared, I would have to say you are the bigger cheater. I mean we both know you need the serg and luit free kills, but at least liq doesn't need someone to sit in the map and let you shoot them. Well actually, liq has to be faking in the water to develop any kind of pph. Why even play the game if you have no intention of even being good at it? Liq you act like you are so great at this game, but i know for a fact you have not killed someone in a tournament fairly. Seriously if either of you actually played a tournament fairly you would never win, and its sad to say even with all your cheating i have more cups than both of you.

- Posted by TdK


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Sorry you had to get spanked by your daddy. On another note I see you out there taking raid after raid you are doing real good man sorry its tough for a blue to rank up lol. Dont mind the wikieds half that team is meh.
daddy wth you missed the raid. we where in today raiding our ass's off. HiiPower took a great raid against us and we made MASTERSWORD quit low on his blue color. Go daddy go!
Whos ya dadday, DADDYWHOSYA :)


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What a shame. You, our leader, missed our first legit raid as a DADDY team. We showed Hiipower who his daddy was.



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003. Get real buddy your the one who started with this DADDY team

- Posted by DADDYLEGIT