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ya ,
Noodle is a loser for selling like the rest of those other sellouts. Americans voted in a demented pedo and you got retards on here celebrating sellouts LOL 😂. The world is definitely ending. No respect for sellouts.

- Posted by Loser

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Lol at your message.
First of all, you have no idea what you're talking about.
It does make sense though coming from you, I wouldn't expect any other response based on where your heads at - it's not your fault / it is.

- Posted by Reverend Lovejoy

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Second off, it's extremely sad that you're taking it there when you bought someone else's tank with over 2000 hours yelling (BUT I PUT 1K HOURS ON IT SINCE I BOUGHT IT). Enough.
It's pretty sad that you're such a negative person and you talk a lot of shit.

- Posted by Reverend Lovejoy

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Reverend Lovejoy ,
The tank noodle is corrupted like Sarah Kerrigan by the zerg. It is no longer the mind of noodle, but some other. We will mount our defense, and fight to our last bits of fuel!

- Posted by ENDURANCE

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If shooting bots was bad for the game it wouldn't be included...

- Posted by Trypticon


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Hey Darrick TATUM aka chew nice of you to shoot your own general tank at sergant......scrub gotta cheat to #1

- Posted by ONE HIT WONDER bad