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blah blah blah, ROSEFAGNUTTS is a DOOSHBAG.if anyone noes if this tank is conknected t o soundwav or tankpits or bluegost or cloudrakr or thestrategsit, please kill them imediately. very bad poison player! DRINK HOOCH & DRIVE FAST


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Soul Sweeper from Crazy Maze here.

- Posted by Soul Sweeper

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@OSPF is a maggot
Why do u play that game if u don't combat? this a funny game with a little tank with a lot of lovely player to play but u are alone, evrytime in every situation u are alone. U are playing only like a noob sniper during general rank but it is ridiculous. Try to play for one time, try to really enjoy this game and PLEASE change your name!

- Posted by Sir GooFy


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Realistically, who the fùck is typhoid mary? Actually nm, no one cares. Kill yourself.

- Posted by OSPF is a maggot