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JamesChen ,
That was elaborated very well in the rest of my post. If still confused, ask your dad lmao

- Posted by toad

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JamesChen ,
OK chenny so you stand by your statement. Good.
Your statement: ''Coffee's Tankpit V.2 server has an environment more conducive for the game.''
Days later your bum got kicked out of that server.
Hence proved that: Chenny chen chen is NOT conducive for the game. And, Chenny chen chen has NO PLACE in an environment that is more conducive for the game.
Thank you for attending this ted talk and for proving my point *micdrop*

- Posted by toad

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that 4 inches keeps you constantly seething
lol get over the bb arguing

- Posted by Ultra Magnus


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I am a seasoned runner, all I do is run. Here are some tips if you want to be a pro runner like me:
1) If you get hit once, move for oil IMMEDIATELY, you do NOT want to risk the chance of running out of oil
2) If you are hit by more than one tank, start running as fast as possible, spam Q the entire time to ensure that you are safe and will be able to run again
3) Cry a lot, this will generate more oil for you and let you run faster

- Posted by 4th running division