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Skeleton Key,
It's not any better. You didn't personally win the ones you are trading for.....which means you didn't earn them yourself. PH is the hardest and you traded an easier award for a harder one. So it's pretty much the same buddy. If you didn't earn it yourself then it's just as bad.

- Posted by Globe Master

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Looks Like noodle Is #1

- Posted by Osama Bin Laden

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Skeleton Key,
Peanut butter and jealous. Also some might theorize it's a form of topical ointment you spread on butthurt.

- Posted by ENDURANCE

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ha! you think you can hold on to that #1 spot? My brothers Voltaic WILL put you in your PLACE! You will kneel before his presence once he takes that #1 spot by the end of this year. If you thought my brothers played a lot then you haven't seen anything yet. muhahahahahaha

- Posted by Galvanic

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Skeleton Key,
and if you think about it.... i sold 2 specials which i used to buy this tank with some $ left over. I basically traded my specials for this so do you now see that it doesn't matter? it's all the same regardless of how you may personally perceive it. I also made over $200 on the PH contest.... i'm definitely positive my man. Icy sold me AoM on a flash sale. rofl. I'm just glad it has a good home where it can shine bright like a diamond! lol.

- Posted by ANGEL OF MERCY


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Bronze cup is the best. Sexy AF and I KNOW IT! 😆

- Posted by 2sweet2quit