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Have not played this game in a long time played the other day and raided some guy, was a fun time hope to play a bit more. good to see some familiar faces out there.

- Posted by XeRoThermic

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No, we aren't getting married but we on the same page when it comes to being in solitude....

- Posted by Zzzax


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Jesse James,
Go cry some more newb. Why you on my nuts about a kill that doesn't matter and isn't against any rules? You that much of a loser? I'd own you either way. In main, in tournaments and at getting specials. Now buzz off chump. No one here cares about your weak minded opinions.

- Posted by Zzzax

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# 3 2019 here i come Sir Rasco

- Posted by idolize -- BLUNTZ


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I don't really remember u but if I say "buzz off" during a raid on me maybe coz I wanna stay alone? sometime, some players do it, if u won't accept it isn't my problem.
If in the game there is the possibility to say "buzz off" there will be a reason.

- Posted by Sir Rosco

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Orange teams dominating!

- Posted by Abraham Simpson II