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@Frinzee dang bro much respect but what happened? game lag? also i was saying lame to other tank getting the tank award for killing AI tanks. i think that should not be awarded

- Posted by The Grim Reaper

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Liam cheats!!!!!!

- Posted by Incontinent Beaver


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ahh im sure to see Grim on here all excited about his kill on me l;D. it happens when u pphing with some one who has other intentions how u like filling up on shields? cus i dont use them while pphing an i get low without moving. enjoy the kill reaper hope you learn to pph soon.

- Posted by Frinzee


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N o o b S a i b o t
Honestly the best pph partner i ever had in a tournament. Almost made the 130k club but fell short. Sorry you got played at the end too. You definitely had well above 130k in points..... maybe next time we will both make that club together bud. Until the next time.

- Posted by Thy Will be Done