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Be GeneralSick , make a discord channel for a game that people play
Use game name to attract members
Market on the TP website... specifically to players
Not play more than 10 hours in 6 years
Cant rank above corporal
Ban people who actually play in order to keep non player "friends" in chat

Get called out for being a rat and parasite
>>"Not official Tankpit chat hehehehe"
Stay living in impoverished filth

- Posted by Funny

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Hilarious Chen has Max Testosterone max libido levels and can bust 5 nuts in a row and keep going.

Stay seething that you can only go 1 round then go flat for 3 days and keeping your women going for guys like chen on the side.

News flash! She isn't staying late at work for "work".

Plus disregard 2021 cup champion and most dominant player in the game. Single handedly carried and then destroyed Whack Fgnas Trash team

- Posted by Funny

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I dunno, doesn't really make sense to have a discord named Tankpit Head Quarters, market it on the Tankpit Website, then make the chat nothing to do with Tankpit and actually use it to hurt the game.

kind of strange, you're like a woman who collects male instragram followers for validation.

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Why does Gensick look like the Buffalo Mass Shooter? Just a question lmao

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