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MetroSpaghetti ,
Thanks coffee.

- Posted by Gensick Worst Admin

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Better get on the ball loser I'm catching up..
It's so nice and quiet when you're not around.

- Posted by clam chowda


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Earth Worm Jim ,
lol lol "earthworm jim"

- Posted by Warm Beer

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GeneralSick ,
I hate you Gensick. You always hurt my feelings. But I love you.

- Posted by Gensick Worst Admin

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Just boring pphin' in this one y'all. =/
119k pp
I went insufficient for a few screens with a blue tank on my tail that had my heart pumpin' but that's about all the excitement there was.
'perfect fault' went insufficient at one point also. I tried to get him. lol Congrats on the cup man.

- Posted by Strange Days