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Man, I tell you what, to be or not to be?... That's the dang ole question. Dang ole 2 man raid and you quit out bout the dang ole q q q q q q trying to get out of there man tell ya what.

- Posted by Boomhauer

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Hey man, that was a really good battle we had, I look forward to the next one. You had the upper hand for sure.
I don't mean it as any excuse, but I play while at work, had a situation pop up that demeaned my attention. I promise, as a veteran from the early 2000's on Bonus, I'll honorably take a deactivation and not quit out.
Can't wait to see you out there man, I love a good rivalry

- Posted by Maverick

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WOAH Jesse. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!

- Posted by CRITIC-AL