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It has not been corrupted but simply changed. We do not underestimate our opponents and enemies because although we fight on the field, we are civil where it counts :) You are awesome to pph with <3.
see you on the field!

- Posted by Reverend Lovejoy

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RIP to noodle. Lol at the teams gobbling up tanks to build rosters based on other peoples efforts. Imagine wanting something so minor as Tankpit with its 40 player base to be your lifes legacy and monetary investments that will never see return after the og sellers move on. I hope noodle and the other tank sellers at this point are laughing their ways to the bank as these idiots spend thousands on something they'll never put real hours into.

- Posted by ya

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ENDURANCE I am # 1 RED FACTZ and #1 overall forever . Pretty sad simpsons have to buy Noodles tank and all 3 have to play it to even have a chance at passin me FACTZ

- Posted by Megatron

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Jack Frost ,
Chasing bots none stop is bad for the game. I can really get this game popping again with this new gen but yall are boring; they'll rather play fornite.

- Posted by iphoNeedaMouseToPlay