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Just make your own discord and start linking it to the BB just like they did with the "bad" discord you peasants... How hard is that?
The BFHQ wasn't officially linked to the game and neither was the AOL chat groups. Same stands for the discord loser.

- Posted by Myth

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Holy Moly! So many cups that he must be cheating!

Gimme the.....

GOLD! AdamRecedingHairline

Gimme the....

SILVER! Toad Fingers Gensick

and Gimme the....

BRONZE! Jchen Tourney Cheatr (sorry Red-2 ) :)

Apex Predator alpha male sigma style. Seethe more you losers with your 1000+ tourney attempts

Finally, shout out to GENSICK SUX 8IIIIIID for supporting the cause!

- Posted by Jchen Tourney Cheatr

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This board is exhausting recently. Keep the cesspool on discord. Ironic though; One of the most revolting trolls in history not practicing anything he is preaching. Other trolls defending a game they do not even play.
I have an idea. Let's talk about actual good things happening within the game? New #1s. Decent activity. Veterans/Old Schoolers moving up the all-time leaderboards. New guys making waves. etc.
In conclusion; If we DONT FEED THE TROLLS it will make tankpit life better

- Posted by DontFeedTheTrolls