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Imagine being Voltaic and getting attacked by 1 general and 1 major and then running away to log out as fast as possible lol. Sad sad saddddddddddd

- Posted by Trolltaic

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Someone please link a discord link that doesn't expire after 1 hour. Thanks

- Posted by Trolltaic

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You got owned on the leaderboards easy by Trump Train 😅

- Posted by getOffPurpleScrub

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How many brothers fell victim to the streets?
Rest in peace, young fella, there's a heaven for a Chen.

- Posted by rip chencent


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Epicspiderhacchea aka James Chen the perm banned Jen do me a favor and just go away like u did in discord chat just be gone already perm ban yourself from this world do us all a favor

- Posted by One hit wonder

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Hot cheetos discord is something you download
so you can chat we have a tank pit server for it thats the invite code

- Posted by Nothing More