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ArchangeL UrieL ,
Thanks for ya kind words, slow and steady wins the race

- Posted by Drederick Tatum

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I actually like gensick and I take back anything I ever said. I'm kind of a d-bag and like to drive away players by sending them random DM's and calling them the n word and then complain to SW how there isn't anyone in main map.

- Posted by GenSick Libtard

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Yes sir! Still playing the game.
Just out of the discord. Playing doesn't happen in there, it happens on the field!
Glad to see you're back from your Vacation :P

- Posted by ArchangeL UrieL


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The Grim Reaper lmao bro thanks for the kills I was wanting Col. And yeah if u make it so everyone knows what you are doing Expect ppl to come take your free kills, once again thanks for both of them in a row !! ArchangeL UrieL True #1 is coming, I'm back U'll be finding Respect for me very soon l;D !!

- Posted by Frinzee