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Omg I know right. Imagine being so conceited that you're actually addicted to masturbating. Literally addicted to f***ing himself.
Chen cheats in tourneys and stole Sigma's identity because he's petty and doesn't have the work ethic to reach top 100 on his own. Lmao only reached #11 in 2020 and 5 last year- the least competitive year in Tankpit history. Then gave up as a bitter troll with a victim complex. Not even a #hasbeen because he #neverwas. Should remove a rib so he can blow himself.

- Posted by Hilarious

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Has everything to do with the fact that you'll do anything and everything to keep activity in the discord channel.
Ofc why would you care you've been a non participant for years and have no actual interest in the just use it to get the activity.
Chen's right...

- Posted by Gensicks a liar