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Ltns TIME 2 DIE :)

- Posted by Thundercracker

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Hey Time 2 Die,
I remember you from the BF days. I went by erock, etc.
Hope you are well, man. Search for the discord chat on this board if you want to talk to anyone still around.

- Posted by Skullcruncher

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Oh boy,
Of all the teams that keep getting dug up from the grave, well beyond their "due date" with the Transformers signing up many of the talented solo blues left for a 6-year old team with no heat that refuses to let a good thing behind because of maybe 2 players that haven't put in hours for years, the EPICs?
Move on!
Make a new team. Make a name for yourself. There's a lot of good themes that haven't been explored!

- Posted by Bison

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- Posted by Ashrak2002


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Maverick, Thats how you play? You quit on cause your being attacked by two people? Not gonna go far in this game kid...

- Posted by Incognito


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The Fake Punisher,
It's been done already, fella.

- Posted by The Punisher

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This one was for team idolize FACTZ

- Posted by idolize -- deeznuts