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New team is making a splash. Members have remained largely anonymous with no clear theme, not announcing their team name. Members include -Pegasus-, -Widow Maker-.,- Nitrogen -.

Frinzee returned and is putting a challenge to the current top ranked Dederick. You can catch both of them at any time of the day neck to neck on points

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James Chen continues to own the tournament scene in the greatest tourney run in TP history and haters are seething. Sad considering, Sunny, 30+ yr old scammer who who uses marvel bed sheets, has been playing consistently for over a decade is getting owned badly.

GeneralSick still has not ranked over a corporal, failing his exams, paid minimum wage while running a failed discord channel to make him feel useful.

Adam is still inactive in the game and battling alcoholism

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lol you dummy I died down on purpose the other day so i could pph with lower ranks like chew and kill bots. I understand why youre salty about getting booted from the chat, and so do you.
If you're gonna play the way you've been playing in tournaments and in main than you're just creating the drama that us vets don't wanna be associated with.
I'm done here....

- Posted by Ultra Magnus

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Coffee returned and finally moved into a house with reasonable living conditions (at age of 60). Still a major loser and emotionally unstable. Exhibiting signs of dementia and bipolar disorder.
Hopefully we can get him fully institutionalized so he can stop screaming into discord voice over minor or trying to get people fired from their jobs over comments people make online.

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El Joto
roll over like the dog you are. better luck next time

- Posted by itscake

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Chenny chen chen: 'Hopefully more players leave TPHQ for Coffee's Tankpit V.2 server which had an environment more conducive for the game.'
2 days later: Chenny chen chen kicked out of coffee's server LMAOOOOOOO. Can it get any more disgraceful than this? Absolute gold :'D

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Bisu ,
Thank You! Congratulations to you as well!

- Posted by -Pegasus-