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Congrats to you as well on another LB! See ya on the field.

- Posted by SOLITUDE

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@Doc HolliDay,
you had your chance to raid me, you had the support of two generals a blue captain and a major, but you could not do anything to me; I was just a captain and in the game there were 2 gen enemies and a colonel. Yet I followed the rules, I did not run away, I stayed in the spaces where you were, maybe you should better refine your skills. Learn the gift of humility and one day you can really raid me.

- Posted by Sir Rosco


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Team idolize still looking for members !

- Posted by idolize -- BLUNTZ

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i try to not come here to talk smack but its a fact that orange team cant take raid they have to have help but get big mad when other teams help their teamates. FACT

- Posted by Butch Cassidy

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you are very strong but you have to admit that your bosses and some members of the group are almost all top players. However I love trying to kill you. At the beginning of the season I was so roused that sometimes I found myself being a sergeant so now trying to kill you is always a great pleasure. I respect you immensely as well as some orange tanks that are not part of the team (Kno love <3)

- Posted by Sir Rosco

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@Purple Team
I have no idea what you call your group but considering that your leader is Pat Garret ... well I can not be surprised at anything. It 's my great dream (And I fear it will remain so) to see the ruins and you fight to "lose your breath" by making a real neighborhood war. Unfortunately today I had the reconfirmation that will never happen, maybe it is the case that you do a little more courage !?

- Posted by Sir Rosco