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chinese insects

- Posted by itscake

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as much as i hate to agree with chen hes right considering its called tankpit chat only active players should be in it 95% of all the dipsticks in there don't play especially the 3 stooges that started the chat

- Posted by One hit 4 life

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@Chen the clown.
Thanks for asking! I care about TPHQ because I care about this game. Fixing that will foster a larger playing community.
That cesspool of a chat is a destructive force to the game which is discouraging players who come back.
It is now a place for lonely former players to come and just spam low brow political content or blasphemy. It is telling that Gensick commits so much time to the discord itself but can't bother cupping (like I did twice this weekend)

- Posted by JamesChen

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Only I can fix this this mess. The 5 point plan for when I am the admin of TPHQ:
1. Ban or "quarantine" non playing members into a chat that they can only use, Barring them from chatting in the regular "general" with known and respected players
2. Ban anyone who insults the game or discourage players from playing that don't actually play the game
3. Ban TJ
4. Ban Gensick
5. Organize team battles and raids with key leaders of each team

- Posted by JamesChen

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- Posted by toad


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Gensick only has 15 hours since 2015
Time for you to go, you only stick around for the wrong reasons. What a big loser, hypocrite, and disgusting creature
Had majorsemergencies and still put more time during that crisis period idiot

- Posted by 15 Hours in 6 Years

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Toad Fingers Gensick Dog might eat frog.

- Posted by MyDogXiangQi