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You are awesome bro! Don't let these savages insult your game and skills. They are ready to scalp anyone who doesn't play exactly how you want them to play! Join the discord!

- Posted by Ugly Mongrel

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Sigma signing out yet again. You can all eat sh1t.

- Posted by JamesChen

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Keep up the good work, I know why you do what you do and it's amazing. you are doing gods work. Will never forget how great of a player you are. Read my James Chen posts.

- Posted by VoltIsNiceNMyFriend


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hey one hit im a newb but have 2 cups how many you got?

- Posted by anunfortunateevent

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One Hit Wonder, you are a huge failure inside and outside of tankpit. It is very sad because one of the biggest factors in dyfunctional humans is a poor father figure. hopefully you figure it out some day.